Not another agency

No really, we’re not.
At The Conscious Agency we care about what we do, and who we do it with. We are conscious of everything going on around us. And us isn’t just the bunch of people writing this. Us includes you too. We know that advertising agencies are now trusted less than both politicians and estate agents (depressing we know!) But we want to change that. We want to shake things up a little and get back to doing what we enjoy.
Making great work for good people.

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Although we call ourselves an ‘agency’ we’re not really one, or at least not the kind you know. In fact the reason we set up The Conscious Agency is because we were pretty fed up of them too.
We believe there is a way to get great agency quality creative work but without all the agency hassle. So that is what we do. We work in a way that we enjoy and hopefully you will too, doing a job that we love - creating great work for good people.

Our work

We’re conscious that we’ve just started out, but take a look at what we’ve been up to over the last month - there isn’t loads, but we have tons of experience and a lot of other work to show for it. And if you want to see more take a look at everything our creative team have done over at

Why Conscious?

It’s simple, we care about the world around us and want to work with people who think the same way too.

We care about time, not only our time but your time too and how best to use it efficiently.

We care about equality, we’ve created an environment where everyone is equal, where gender, age, experience is all irrelevant.

We care about our carbon footprint, which is why we work remotely, we use co-working spaces and travel by public transport to meetings.

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Conscious of time the world and equality

Our Team

We are conscious that we are over half way down the page and haven’t introduced ourselves yet. We’re a team of 3 people, the creative team - a pair of female, award-winning quite opinionated, creative geniuses and a well seasoned, agency leader.


Nick Hussey

Managing Director

A southerner, livin’ up north. He is creatively led, business focussed, results driven and collaborative to his core. He refined these skills during his 8 years with Mother London, where he was a “Mother Superior” one of the original magicians that pulled rabbits out of hats for both clients and agency.


Hayley & Amy

Head of Creative

Or as we like to call them, HAMY. It makes it easier considering no-one's quite sure which one is which. Anyway, they’re the creative ones. Described by many as “Shit hot” but don’t tell them that. The pair have created a whole load of work from TV and press ads to social videos and stunts, all of which you can see at

About You

Enough talking about us, we want to hear more about you. So go on, get in touch. Tell us about a project you’re working on, a problem that needs solving. Or just tell us your favourite eating spot in Manchester. Anything. Let’s chat.

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